Cookies by the Dozen

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Treat yourself!  You don't need an occasion to enjoy these delicious cookies.  Order individual cookie flavors by the dozen, or an assorted box of our 5 favorites. 

White Cookies - A delicate cake-like cookie iced with a cool lemon frosting. Our best seller!

Chocolate Cookies - Rich chocolate cookie made with pure cocoa and spices, filled with cherries and nuts. Iced with a light sweet frosting to compliment the rich flavor. This one is a classic!

Cherry Winks - Soft, buttery cookie topped with a crunchy  topping. A cherry in the middle completes the sweet taste.

Pupparate - A moist bite sized cookie filled with nuts, hints of orange,spice and molasses.

Sesame Cookie - A simple light shortbread type cookie rolled in sesame seeds and baked golden brown.

Pizzelles -  Crispy yet soft, beautiful and golden waffle-like cookies with hints of anise flavoring.  Another best seller!

Cherry Bar Cookies -  Cherry flavored biscotti-like cookies filled with sweet cherries and nuts. 

Ricotta Chocolate Chip - So moist and delicious!   A soft biscotti-like cookie with mini chocolate chips.  

 Assorted Cookies - White, Chocolate, Pupparate, Sesame and Cherry winks